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Happy Birthday. my son!



Dear Josiah,


Tomorrow you will be eight years old.  It is a day of promise and anticipation.  Your mom and I have long waited for the arrival of this day.  Everyday leading to tomorrow has been filled with expectation but at the same time, a little bit of fear and struggle.  However, we knew deep down in our hearts, our God will come through.  He is faithful.  Always has been and always will.


You see, God has spoken about your eight year old birthday before.  He spoke about it in a way that we cannot deny.  I don’t know if you remember, you use to have a very hard time paying attention in class, concentrate on learning and speaking properly while in kindergarten.  Mom, Dad and your kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Morgan were all very concerned.  We prayed for you and tried to help you as much as we can.  We know that even though we can try as much as we can, but the Lord Himself will have to heal you.


Then it happened.  One night over a year ago, Dad had a dream.  In a dream, I heard a voice said to me: 

“Remember Josiah?” 

I said “of course.” 

The voice continued, “King Josiah in the Bible.” 

A little confused, I replied “Sure, I remember.” 


I can still remember in my dream, I thought, what does the King in the Bible have to do with my son, who I am praying for desperately?


The voice kept going “Do you remember how old Josiah was when he became king?” 
I answered “Eight years old.” 
The voice said is a firm yet comforting tone “So shall your son.” 
Then I woke up. 


Not sure of what to make of the dream, I gave it some thought and went back to sleep.  When I woke up the next morning, I could still remember the dream very clearly.  So, I shared the dream with you mom.  Mom didn’t think much of it. But, soon we would receive confirmation from God. 


Little did we know, God was working in your teacher, Mrs. Morgan, too.  Mrs. Morgan often prayed for the kids in her class.  That same morning, she was praying specifically for you, my son.  God also told her about King Josiah in the Bible.  And God told her that King Josiah became a king when he was eight.  He began to rule and reign at the age of eight.  She believed that this was a promise from God to you.  That by the time you are eight years old, you will also be able to rule and reign, your body, your language, your concentration, your attention span, and your surrounding. 


That same day, Mrs. Morgan shared what God said to her with Mom.  We now know God is working on something really really special in you.  Because what God promises, he never fails. 


That is why from that time on; we waited and longed for this day to arrive.  We have seem the faithfulness and goodness of our God ever since.  Everyday is filled with mercy from Him.  We have seen such great change in you.  You have become a joyful, curious, willing to learn and sometimes mischievous big boy.  We have seen you improve your attention in school, learning and just overall growing.  We know that our prayer of “growing in wisdom and in favor before God and men” is right where God has placed you.


Tomorrow you will turn eight, heading straight into the perfect promise of our God.  We know you belong to Him.  May the Lord of our household continue to bless you and keep you.  May His face shine upon you.  May His will be done in your life.  May He give you the courage, strength and the humbleness to walk before Him, mighty, righteous and joyous. 
Love you always,