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You Don’t Need a Wand to be Enchanted

Tasha Chu

As you probably know, the latest book of the Harry Potter series has recently been released to millions of eager fans. J.K. Rowling’s magnificent series has delighted readers for years, and she just gets better with each novel. And although Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire remains my favorite of the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was definitely worth the two-year wait.

With each story, Rowling continues to develop her characters, as well as the detailed plot of the stories. The world of Harry Potter has become increasingly darker. Similarities between the magical world and the real one are inevitable. Danger and fear abound as the evil Voldemort terrorizes the world with murder and destruction. But despite it all, Harry, of course, returns to Hogwarts. There, we find that he and his fellow students resemble high school students, only with wands and broomsticks. The story becomes intense as Hogwarts’ students try to go about the school year normally, and despite peril, continue their lives. And throughout the year, Harry learns more about Voldemort’s past, in an attempt to discover his enemy’s vulnerabilities. Ron and Hermione, bickering as always, remain Harry closest friends. Loyalty is a crucial concept in this novel. Will Harry’s friends stick with him through all the danger? Betrayal is almost unbearable, especially by those who had been trusted. And as the series progresses, the characters begin to change. Harry and his friends have become real teenagers, complete with angst and love. Harry, especially, has changed. He has become a confident and tough young man, who tries to be unafraid and strong because he knows what lies in his future.

This series has always been such a pleasure to read because the stories are enchanting. People all over the world have enjoyed them immensely. However, be warned. If you are looking for a nice, light read, this book isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a heavy, fascinating story, then by all means, start reading right away. Provided, of course, that you’ve read the other five books.