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Warren: Different Religion, but Still Devoted

Loma Linda is a small town is led by Adventists. Adventism is where the church’s devotion is to people’s health and spiritual well being. That is what people do at Loma Linda.

There are no bars, they don’t really eat meat and the crime rate is very low. But the population is thriving and is more than 21,000! Most know of the city because of Loma Linda Medical Center, where in 1984 doctors preformed the world’s first infant cross species heart transplant. A baby was given the heart of a baboon. The hospital is big because many because as Adventists they believe in health and well being. They believe “the body is spiritually significant.”

Loma Linda Adventists also go to church on Saturday and as they go into the church the town is extremely quiet. They are very devoted to their religion.