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Faith-Based Food

Warren Chu

Muslims and Jews may not agree with politics, but when it comes to food they go together. Both had food processing companies of both faiths gathered at the World Ethnic Market Show. It’s the nation’s first try to pair food produced according to the laws of Islam and Judaism. Midamar (Food prepared in accord with Islamic principles) was just around the corner from AgriProcessors, the nation’s largest Kosher meat packaging industry. It looks like food is a good way for people to come together.

The two religions have similar restrictions on what foods they can eat and how animals should be killed. Many consumers said that they bought Kosher food because they considered it healthier than other foods. The two religion’s diet is similar. Many Muslims will buy kosher meat if they can’t buy halal, their food. Midamar and AgriProcessors Inc. have interest in food produced with ancient dietary laws, said Antoine Bonnel, a Paris based food-marketing consultant and partner in the World Ethnic Market Show.

Kosher and halal can be complementary and many food producers are going to decide they want both, said Robbi Jonah Gewrtz. Looks like the two religions are really working together over food.

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