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恩友短宣 Q&A (1)

Nina Shen


What are the exact dates of the program?

The five-week summer program will be July 3-August 5th, with orientation and preparation beginning on Sunday, July 1st. Again, we expect those working as Small Group Leaders will remain during the entire 5-week duration. For Instructors, we understand it may be difficult for some professionals to commit to all 5 weeks, and we will consider inviting individual instructors come in for various time commitments of at least 2 weeks.

Please be sure to indicate your availability on the application form. We will try our best to accommodate your preferences. It is very likely that we will formulate teams of 5 to 8 qualified volunteer instructors to train China’s teachers to nurture the young generation.

What is the difference between Instructor and a Small Group Leaders?

Screening for instructors will be more specific as we are seeking qualified people who will competently train the local Chinese teachers how to teach students in various subjects. Given that Instructors are professionals in their field of expertise, we anticipate that they may have more of a time constraint and unable to spend the entire 5 weeks full time.

Small Group Leaders are namely coaches expected to support the local Chinese teachers throughout the entire program and follow up with them individually for their personal development. Therefore, we anticipate younger volunteers able to devote their attention both inside and outside of the classroom to the teacher’s needs and development. Small Group Leaders will gather together and work with the locals as a team.

How much money will I need raise?

As is customary of most short-term programs, we would ask that our volunteers be prepared to do their own fund raising. Everyone will be expected to cover their own round-trip airfare. Small Group Leaders will also largely be expected to provide for room & board. This will allow us to keep the cost of the program low so that we can fully subsidize our rural Chinese teachers who will be the “students” of the program, as our first and foremost goal is to minister to their needs.

HOUSING and MEALS: We estimate that the program expenses covering meals and housing will be US$500.