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Testimony (2)

Nina Shen

Then I asked myself why they were so enthusiastic about learning. They wanted to learn because they wanted to learn to praise God. They wanted to sing with their best voices in worship. Even if they couldn''''t play or sing well, they still wanted to learn. They realize that worship never ends. They are preparing to worship the Lord in eternity.

Before my graduation, I was never sure of what I wanted to do in life. How could a person majoring in music serve the Lord? I was born in an environment filled with music. Was this a coincidence? God answered me through a touching Bible verse, one day while I was sitting at the piano and singing praises.
Since that special day, I have promised God that I would use music to serve him my entire life. Unfortunately, this path is often lonely music has secondary importance in Seminars and churches. Nevertheless, God always shines mercy on me. I do not and will never regret my decision. Wherever the church evangelizes, my praise and worship will be there also.