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Sojourners 客旅人生 (3)

吉爾吉斯坦宣教士 韓偉炫

偉炫、 雅馨、明慧
偉炫、 雅馨、明慧
Please Pray…
1. …that God will raise up prayer warriors, people who can pray along with us as we embark on this journey.
2. …for continuous wisdom and discernment as we make decisions, regarding support raising and logistics.
3. …that God will give us wisdom to prepare Phoebe to leave her familiar surroundings and be a little missionary in a foreign land.
4. …that we will not let the busy-ness affect our spiritual walk during this important period of our life.
5. …that we will find a suitable host family to live with.

1. 祈求 神能興起更多禱告勇士,更多人能與我們一起同行,同禱告。
2. 在我們籌款和後勤準備當中,祈求神不斷的賜給智慧和能力。
3. 祈求神賜給我們智慧以便能夠裝備Phoebe離開她目前所熟悉的環境以及在外地的環境校下當個小宣教士。
4. 為我們禱告,不讓我們被忙碌的行程影響我們在這關鍵時刻在生活上靈性的腳步。
5. 祈求神幫我們找到一個合宜的本地人家。

Enclosed is a photo magnet to remind you to pray for us. Please do not use the new e-mail address until December.

Your Fellow Sojourners,
Willis, Jocelyn & Phoebe
偉炫、 雅馨、明慧