Qingdao Sanpu dragon style boxing inheritor taught in school for 43 years

Qingdao Sanpu dragon style boxing inheritor taught in school for 43 years


As the new semester begins, Liu Zhenghai, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of Shandong province Sanpu dragon style boxing, plans to teach the boxing in Puji primary school.


66-year-old Liu Zhenghai is very famous in Kong Fu field. Sanpu dragon style boxing is applying for national intangible cultural heritage currently after named as intangible cultural heritage on December 2015.


Jiaozhou Sanpu dragon style boxing won No.1 Group in Kongfu championship of Qingdao, won the champion for the 5th time of Qingdao. Sanpu dragon style boxing chief Liu Zhenghai as the director of Qingdao Kongfu team led the team to join the 3rd provincial Kongfu contest held in Taierzhuang and won 6 gold medals and 4 silver medals.


Named Liujia Boxing previously, the ancestor Liu Jing created the boxing. After being passed down by 9 generations, the boxing integrates the advantages and features of many other kinds of boxing in 400 years. Liu as the inheritor of the 8th generation established the Jiaozhou Sanpu Dragon Style Boxing Association in 2010.


In 1975, then 23-year-old Liu worked in Jiazhou No.2 Middle School formed the 1st Kongfu team with 42 youths in Puji town, and then formed another 30-member Kongfu team in the same school. The boxing started to spread in schools of Puji town.


On March 2010, Liu went to Hong Kong for a contest and won 3 gold medals in traditional boxing, traditional weapon and weapon-free 1-on-1 combat.


Sanpu dragon style boxing now has over 200 students taught by Liu, and over 3,000 students taught by Lius students, as well as more than 20,000 practitioners. More than 60,000 pupils and middle school students learnt boxing from him.


In recent years, as national teenager football training center settled in Puji and mens football game of 2018 Shandong provincial sports games to be held in Puji, Liu Zhenghai who passed 60 are eager to devote more to cultural and sports development of his hometown. He often goes to schools to teach the boxing to sincerely pass down the essence of Kongfu of his hometown. (Liu Dai)

[Liu Zhenghai taught Sanpu dragon style boxing. By Liu Dai]