Culture-based approach helps alleviate poverty

Laodabao, a Lahu peoples village, is located in south #Yunnans #Puer City. The villagers once struggled below the poverty line. However, through improving the infrastructure and setting up a performing company, the village has become a hot tourism spot.

According to the Party Secretary of Laodabao, in 2006, the average per capita income in the village was less than 147 dollars due to the poor infrastructure and lacking of industries.

Aimed at fighting against poverty, local government invested one million dollars to renovate folk houses, build characteristic dwellings and improve local infrastructures. As the villagers are good at singing and dancing, the locals then established a performing company.

To draw more visitors, the locals also build demonstration zones and traditional guesthouses featuring the folk custom of Lahu people. Meanwhile, delicacies of Lahu people are also offered. Tourists said that they can experience authentic Lahu culture there.

Now, the village has become a hot tourism spot especially during the Chinese National Day Holiday, the Spring Festival, creating new revenues for locals whose lives are getting better off.