New-Style Hotpot in Chengdu

AuthorsG Go Chengdu

Various new-style hotpot restaurants are gaining greater market share and growing popularity, especially among the young generations, by offering new alternatives for people who are always ready to try something new, including the new gastronomic experiences.

Yuan Li Hotpot (\锅^

Location: B1-3 Icon Dayuan Center, Third Tianfu Street

Cost: RMB130/person

A classical garden style restaurant that provides traditional spicy Red Pot (红锅, Hong-Guo), and creative dishes.

Liu Yuan Hotpot ]d\Ѥ锅^

Location: #12 Tongsheng Road, Funan New Area

Cost: RMB90/person

The restaurant is noted for its classical Suzhou-garden inner deco and the traditional "beef fat pot" (o锅, Niu You Guo), as well as various teas.

Flower Vine Restaurant]开ý庆锅^

Location: #140 Jinyang Road, F9 Chicony Plaza

Cost: RMB105/person

A hotpot restaurant with a unique name that stands out with its elaborate decoration that highlights the floral plants everywhere in the restaurant.

Magpie Garden Hotpot ]鹊\锅^

Location: 4-303 Fanyue Center, #56 Changrong Road

Cost: RMB100/person

Magpie Garden is the best choice people who want to bath in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying hotpot since the restaurant is designed to feature the environment and lifestyle on an island. They have a traditional hotpot with a Southeast Asian flavors.

Lei Men Hotpot ]p门锅^

Location: #8-1 Jianshe South Road

Cost: RMB100/person

A Heavy Metal style restaurant providing delicate dishes. It is also known for the classical "beef fat pot" (o锅, Niu You Guo) flavor.

Fun Foundue One ]p馆Ьӫ妈^

Location: #2331, east section of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li

Cost: RMB130/person

Fun Foundue One looks like a coffee bar, with the decoration style of modern industry. It offers a new version of the classic Huangcheng Laoma flavors.