Chengdu Panda Base Held 2019 S&T Event Week Serial Popular Science Activities

Recently, Sichuan Province & Chengdu City S&T Event Week was held to great success. As a national popular science education base, national youth S&T education base, national environmental protection popular science base, national-level international S&T Cooperation Base and Sichuan Provincial Environmental Education Base, the Chengdu Panda Base held a number of diverse activities during the S&T Event Week:

 I.Chengdu popular science workshop activity

The Chengdu Panda Base offered a popular science workshop themed Vegetarian Giant Pandas for the general public. To share recipes giant pandas enjoy and and a lively excuse to display exclusive pictures, and watch funny videos, the station also featured activities, like Giant Panda Strips Off Bamboo Shoots charades, Find a Friend odor game, and interactive Q&A. It also distributed informative literature. It accomplished its goal of introducing the adaptive evolution biological feature of giant pandas that primarily led them to feed on bamboo, and also explained the threats that its wildlife habitats face and offered a vision that encouraged the public to choose a sustainable lifestyle and protect the earth.

II.Science Teacher Guides you on a Tour of National Key Labs serial activity

Chengdu Panda Base carried out serial activities for the general public at the Endangered Wild Animal Protection Biological Key Lab of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding:

1.Personal discussions with giant panda scientists

on giant panda protection, which provided a detailed explanation of knowledge about the protection of endangered wild animals, including giant pandas and red pandas and promoted biodiversity protection concepts in various forms, including pictures & videos, model exhibitions, and handing out popular science literature. This series looked to encourage the public to be active in their choices and work together to build an ecologically-harmonious world.

2. A glimpse of national key labs

To guide and explain through scientific research personnel at the base, the public was given the chance to visit the Endangered Wild Animal Protection Biological Key Lab and learned the labs functions as well as scientific research efforts made to protect wild animals, heralded by the giant panda, with the aim to cultivate scientific literacy among the general public, especially young students.

3. Disclosing themed research of giant panda gene resource pool

LookLooking to inform the general public, scientific research personnel at the base explained what theyve researched and learned about giant panda inheritance and gene resources, storage in and use of nitrogen canister, and giant panda sperm preservation. The public was privy to an on-site tour of the giant panda gene resource pool, and liquid nitrogen giant panda sperm bank, and was lucky enough to observe personnel hard at work researching new subject matter. Listening to watching base personnel in action, the public can understand even more regarding inheritance and breeding features of captive giant pandas and get a glimpse into the mysterious giant panda gene resource pool to understand giant panda gene diversity protection, develop scientific literacy, and enhance awareness of giant panda protection.

4. Scientific secrets of the giant panda

Under the guidance of popular science tutors and volunteers at the base, the public can try to uncover the giant pandas scientific secrets regarding breeding, rearing, growth, and more, understand human efforts to protect endangered wild animals, including giant pandas and develop connections to empathize more with wild animals.