2019 “Gothia Cup China” the World Youth Football Tournament kicks off in Qingdao


Qingdao - The opening ceremony of 2019 “Gothia Cup China” the World Youth Football Tournament was held on Aug 13 in Qingao.  400 teams from 40 countries and regions, more than 7,000 athletes gathered in Qingdao, and more than 1,000 exciting games will be staged in Chengyang District of Qingao from August 10th to 16th.

Qingdao, a city that loves football in its gene, is reputed as “the City of Football”. The CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee and Qingdao Municipal Government have put great priority on the development of football, making vitalizing Qingdao football an important part of building a world-renowned dynamic and “in” city. We are planning development of Qingdao football in a long-term and brand-new perspective, and the brand of “the City of Football” is growing with full of vitality. Qingdao was designated as the pilot city of Vision China Initiative by Asian Football Confederation, the pilot zone for national youth campus football reform, and among the first batch of pilot cities for national football reform and development.

Chengyang District of Qingdao strives to scale the height of youth football development on all fronts. With leading football facilities in the nation, “Chengyang Mode” of campus football is known to the whole country. Private-sector football development is booming. We have successfully introduced “Gothia Cup China” the World Youth Football Tournament, continued to promote exchanges of Qingdao youth football with the world, in an effort to expand international influence of Chengyang football.