Chairman of WFEO visits Qingdao High-tech Zone

Gong Ke, chairman of World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) visited T-park in Qingdao High-tech Zone and investigated Red Landmark (Shandong) Culture and Technology Co. Ltd.

During the visit, Gong Ke debriefed the development situation of Red Landmark, learned about and experienced the VR product of the leadership of the Party developed by the company. The product, adopting the virtual reality technology, realizes the visual transformation of the Party's latest theoretical achievements. After that, the delegation visited and experienced the VR product of the "cultural landmarks along the great Grand Canal". Taking advantage of the virtual reality technology, the product presents the cultural landmarks along the Grand Canal in a systematic and three-dimensional way, making cultural education dynamic and vivid. Users can get a direct and vivid understanding of the cultural deposits of Beijing-Hang Zhou Grand Canal, and thus enhance their sense of identity of national culture and cultural confidence.

Gong Ke spoke highly of Red Landmark's practice and results it had made in the visualization of excellent traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture, and socialist advanced culture. He also put forward some constructive suggestions on technology R&D, user experience and future development. He encouraged the company to create more cultural and technological VR products, and make new and greater contributions to the cause of spreading red culture and excellent traditional Chinese culture.