Qingdao High-tech Zone launches regulations to improve monitoring data quality

Qingdao High-tech Zone Monitoring Station of Qingdao Municipal Ecological and Environmental Department has formulated regulations on the management of environmental monitoring quality and regulations on the management of entrusted social environmental monitoring, aiming at promoting the formation of a long-term mechanism to standardize work order by regulations, and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of monitoring data and information.

The two regulations stipulate the quality management duty and work specification of monitoring stations, specify the contents of monitoring quality assurance and control measures, and clarify the supervisory subjects and requirements of environment monitoring.

Regulations on the management of environmental monitoring quality put forward specific requirements on monitoring personnel, on-site monitoring, laboratory analysis, monitoring data, and report and audit system to ensure the scientific and standardized daily monitoring and ensure that the monitoring data provided are true, accurate, effective and traceable.

Regulations on the management of entrusted environmental monitoring strictly standardize the behavior of entrusting social environmental monitoring, strengthen the management of entrusted monitoring institutions from the aspects of assessing the monitoring programs, external quality control, data auditing and traceability so as to improve the quality of environmental monitoring data.

The monitoring station has tightened the "cage" of regulations by improving the supervision system and conducting in-depth investigation on problems, which has not only blocked the risk points of clean governance , but also maintained a cordial and clean relationship with the third party.