Chinese NGOs send int'l supplies to the needy amid Covid-19

The China #NGO Network for International Exchanges initiated the #silkroad joint actions against the #Covid19 in March, calling on the Chinese non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide assistance within their capacity to countries in need. 

So far, the Chinese NGOs have carried out epidemic-control cooperation with more than 50 countries, donating supplies, sharing experiences and sending volunteers. They also raised a fund of 173 million yuan in total.

Joining hands with 157 social organizations, the Beijing Guanghua Foundation for Design and Development launched the green-ribbon action on March 11, providing material assistance according to the received demands.

On March 15, the nucleic acid testing kits donated to Serbia by the Shenzhen-based Mammoth Foundation and Huada Gene Technology arrived in Dusseldorf, Germany. Via the Consul General of Serbia in Dusseldorf, the goods were delivered to Belgrade by air in the evening.

The Italian company Metechst STG sent the Chinese green-ribbon action an e-mail on April 7, saying the Bedizur old peoples home is in urgent need of supplies. At the request, the green-ribbon took immediate actions. Half a month later, the Chinese donators received photo feedbacks from the Italian home.

So far, the green-ribbon action program has invited in 295 international volunteers, donating epidemic-prevention materials worth 3 million yuan to 18 countries. They included Italy, Iran, Sri Lanka, Russia, Argentina, and others.