Yunnan welcomes nesting weaverbirds

Flocks of weaverbirds have been seen building nests in southwest China's Yunnan Province, as they prepare for the breeding season.

The gregarious birds, which are weaving their nests in Yunnan's Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, have been seen more frequently after monsoon started in July in the region.

They also drew wide attention from local environmental activists.

"Weaverbirds are found breeding in the entire Shweli River basin. It has been nearly a month since we started filming them. The bird nests are still increasing. At first, there were two nests, and now there are more than 10. It shows that the local people have strong awareness of bird protection. Through bird-watching and filming, we hope to further raise people's awareness to protect those birds," said Hu Xiaohong, a local ecological conservation volunteer.

Weaverbirds, also known as ploceidae, are best known for their elaborately woven nests which could serve as shelters for their newborn babies and protect them from storms and attacks.

Among the population variations of weaverbirds, which are mainly found in Africa and Asia, five subspecies are recognized in Asia. Only two subspecies are found in Yunnan Province, namely ploceus manyar and ploceus philippinus.