Yunnan continues to help relocated people shake off poverty

Fugong County in southwest China's Yunnan Province has stepped up poverty alleviation efforts and increased investment in employment, education and medical care to help lift relocated people out of poverty.

This year, the county plans to provide labor skill training for 5,000 people. Twenty poverty-relief workshops for products including baseballs and ethnic costume processing have been set up for relocated people in 15 settlements.

At the same time, free training for operating excavators and other machines has also been carried out. The trainees can enjoy free accommodation, and will be provided job channels after training.

In terms of education, the county adopted the mode of combining compulsory education with technical and vocational training, raised funds from various channels to set up classes and succeeded in arranging 306 dropout students to return to school.

In addition, Fugong County has set up standardized clinics in each settlement to ensure that minor illnesses can be treated within the settlement.

"Most of these children are from poor families. They used to live in mountains, but now they have moved to the county town. They study in the town, and their families are also in the town, this way the relocated people can stay here reassured," said Sun Yunhuan, director of the Education Bureau of Fugong County.

"By taking a series of measures, we have achieved the goal of enabling the poor people in Fugong to lead a more comfortable life in better houses. And at the same time, we have the confidence to let the county shake off poverty as scheduled," said Li Yingyu, deputy county head of Fugong.

By the end of June this year, a total of about 5,500 households and 22,500 people had been relocated in Fugong.