The 2019 Global (Qingdao) Venture Capital Conference was held in Qingdao

Qingdao May 9. 2019 -- The 2019 Global (Qingdao) Venture Capital Conference was held in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province on May 9, 2019. Thousands of experts and insiders attended the opening ceremony. Wang Qingxian, Secretary of CPC Qingdao Committee, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech. 
This two-day Conference, a grand gathering of unprecedented size in venture capital fields in Qingdao, is based on the theme of “A new focus openness, A city led by technology”. It is hoped that the gathering will help build Qingdao into a global VC center.More than ten technological innovation enterprises competed for the “Star of Entrepreneur” in a project road show in Qingdao a few days ago as a warm up activity for the 2019 Global (Qingdao) Venture Capital Conference.Covering a wide range of fields from AI and biomedicine to internet of things , the road show aims to motivate technological enterprises to innovate and to attract global VC institute investment in Qingdao.