Kunming: An ideal place for mountain biking
 Kunming: An ideal place for mountain biking  .

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Since the mountain bike was invented by Americans in 1977, the bike industry has embarked on an innovative path and riding mountain bikes has become a trend around the globe..

Nowadays, in Yunnan provincial capital city Kunming, mountain bikes are becoming popular among citizens, especially among environmentalists and cycling enthusiasts. 

When weekend comes, many mountain bike lovers would gather in parks, hills and woods to practice and exchange riding skills, and to enjoy the passion and speed. 

Kunming is an ideal place for mountain biking since it has many natural and challenging tracks for the sport. It is also a hot land for mountain bike brands and it is easy to buy and fix bikes. In addition, since more and more citizens show their interest in the sport, clubs are set up to provide exchange platforms for enthusiasts in the city, creating better atmosphere for the sport. 㛝unbike� is one of the popular clubs where mountain biking lovers can make friends, drink coffee and practice riding skills.