English web portal awards businesses in Kunming

GoKunming, a well-known English web portal in Yunnan, presented the Best of Kunming Awards to excellent local businesses on January 11.
Chinese and overseas business representatives, foreigners working in Kunming and fans of the web portal attended the awarding gala in the evening.
A total of 15 categories of Kunming businesses won the awards, including the best restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, hotels, pubs, fitness centers, Chinese training schools, scenic areas and more.
Among them, the Western Hills won the title of “the best Kunming scenic area for amusement”, while the Old Town of Lijiang and the Tiger Leaping Gorge were honored as “the best tourist destination of Yunnan". All awards came into being via online voting and ballots counting in the past weeks.

Since its launch in 2006, GoKunming.com has focused on promoting Yunnan's tourism and culture. Also, GoKunming enjoys great popularity among expats in the southwest China province. 

In the past 11 years, the web portal has done annual selection of the best businesses in Kunming and Yunnan at large. At first, GoKunming.com just asked its visitors to do online voting. With an increasing number of its voters and subscribers, the web portal operator came up with the idea of hosting yearly awarding gala. As of now, five sessions of the awarding event have been held in Kunming.

Reporting by Wang Huan & Wang Shixue