On the clouds art festival held in Lijiang

The 2018 "On the CloudsInternational Live Art Festival" was held in Chinas southwestern Lijiang City from May 11 to May 12. Artists from China, Bangladesh, Japan, Nepal, Thailand and South Korea worked on-site at the foot of the Yulong Snow-capped Mountain.

The "On the Clouds" art festival aims to explore the customs of the local Naxi people through diverse perspective of different artists who were overwhelmed by the natural scenery and culture of Lijiang.

"This is my first visit to Yunnan. The environment is very good, and the event is so interesting and gives me a lot of surprises. The rivers and lakes are unique in Lijiang, and I learned a lot about the Naxi Dongba culture," said Yumi, an artist from South Korea. My work is about the harmony between human and nature in Lijiang which reminds me of my hometown," added Yumi.

"There is a section of the Ancient Tea Horse Road and I like it very much. My work is inspired by the legend of the Yulong Snow Mountain, said Thai artist AOr NOpawan.

Since 2009, the "On the Clouds" Art Festival has been successfully held five times and attracted more than 60 artists from China and other countries. He Libin, the curator of the festival said that through its Dongba culture and snowy scenery, Lijiang provides a good space for the performance art. "We hope that more art events may contribute to the spread of Dongba culture.