Fuxian Lake tourist resort upgraded to be national level

Yuxi Fuxian Lake tourist resort in central Yunnan Province has been upgraded to be a national level tourist resort, according to announcement made by Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism on its official website on May 5.

As Fuxian Lake tourist resort is added to list of the national level tourist resort, Yunnan now has three national level tourist resorts. The other two are the Yangzong Lake tourist resort and Xishuangbanna tourist resort.

As the largest deep and fresh water in China, the Fuxian Lake covers an area of 216.6 square kilometers and has a drainage area of 674.69 square kilometers. With an average depth of 95.2 meters, the lake contains 20.6 cubic meters. For years, the water quality in the lake has been kept at Grade I.

The national-level tourist resort and 5A scenic spot represent the highest level of tourist resort product and sight-seeing product respectively in China. They are measures to promote the upgrade and restructuring of Chinese tourism.