Visitors enjoy autumn scenery in Yunnan

The autumn scenery in scenic areas in southwestern and eastern Chinese provinces attracted numerous visitors during the off season of tourism.

The splendid scenery of the Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang City of southwest China's Yunnan Province attracted throngs of visitors to witness the breathtaking landscape.

Surrounded by cloud and blue sky in late autumn, the renowned scenic spot intrigued numerous visitors who avoided the peak season of tourism. The wild flowers is blanketing the mountains and meadows against the background of blue sky and white clouds, forming a picturesque scenery of plateau.

"The weather is more suitable this season and the scenery is quite good," said a tourist.

Tourists were flocking to the Blue Moon Valley at the scenic spot for breathtaking scenery. The lake is surrounded by lush vegetation, with snow mountain peaks as the background.

"For me, the scenery in the Blue Moon Valley is the best. The glaciers on the top of the mountain are shocking," said another tourist.

The autumn view of the Chimera scenic area of Mount Huangshan in east China's Anhui Province is entering the best period. Mount Huangshan in late autumn has a colorful and refreshing atmosphere. Many tourists particularly traveled here at the end of October to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

"The scenery is beautiful, very beautiful. I'm very relaxed and the environment is very comfortable. The weather is also fine today. I think this season is quite suitable for traveling," said Tan Yongqin, a visitor.

Walking on the plank road, tourists immersed in the view of the red leaves on both sides of the road swaying gently in the autumn wind.

"The mountain is relatively steep, and the guest-greeting pine here is very distinctive. The security measures in the whole scenic area are also very good, including warning signs and handrails, so the scenic area of Mount Huangshan gives us a good impression," said Wang Guohong, a visitor.

Mount Huangshan is a UNESCO world heritage site, covering 1,200 square kilometers and famous for its peculiarly-shaped rocks, cloud-shrouded peaks, pines and hot springs.