Restaurants in Yunnan offer special Lunar New Year dining options amid COVID-19.

Restaurants in China are offering various options for family reunion dinners on the Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve holiday as the country battles new COVID-19 infections.

As the Spring Festival approaches, some regions in China are tightening safety measures to prevent further outbreaks, including limiting holiday family gatherings to fewer than 10 people. Venues and restaurants are required to keep a distance of at least one meter between tables.

Facing tight social-distancing rules, the manager of one restaurant in southwest China's Yunnan Province says reservations are at 70 percent right now, which is a less than previous years.

"Compared with last year, the bookings of our New Year's Eve dinner have declined. One reason for that may be the pandemic. A large number of people still have concerns and would not like to go out for dinner or gatherings," said Wang Jia, a front office manager.

Employees in the local catering sector say most of their orders are still standing, but that residents might cancel orders depending on the epidemic situation.

Considering uncertainties caused by the COVID-19, restaurants are preparing backup plans.

"Even if there is some special situation after bookings are made, we will refund the deposits to the customers unconditionally or suggest customers come and take away their dishes to eat at home. All these will be handled flexibly," said Peng Yingming, a customer manager.

Restaurants in Chengdu City, meanwhile, are adhering to strict epidemic requirements which has prompted some customers to cancel their orders or reservations.

Besides offering relaxed cancellation and return policies, restaurants are also launching semi-finished dishes and delivery services on Chinese New Year's Eve to minimize losses and to give their diners a worry-free experience.

"This is a special cuisine we will roll out for the family reunion. We will make them so that consumers can take them back home and heat them up or buy our pre-made products," said Zhou Xiaoyong, employee at a restaurant.

According to staff, the semi-finished dishes can be cooked easily at home and are just as delicious as they are at restaurants, not to mention more affordable.