Yunnan makes progress in eco-conservation

During his inspection tour to Yunnan in January 2015, President Xi Jinping encouraged the province to be a pacesetter in eco-conservation.

In January 2020, the president visited Yunnan once more, asking the province to make new progress in protecting the environment. Over the past six years, Yunnan has gained unprecedented results in eco-conservation. 

The eco-environment remained sound, green development went deeper and the construction of a most beautiful province got started. 

On fine days in winter, Yunnan features blue sky and white clouds. And the nine major lakes in the province shine like pearls on the plateau.

The Dianchi Lake is frequented by crowds of tourists and red-billed gulls. Along with improved water quality, the lake area has become home to around 100 bird species. 

As water quality improved in Erhai and Dianchi in particular, Yunnans practice in lake protecting is taken as exemplary nationwide. 

Green development is forming a trend in Yunnan. The bettered eco-environment gives a strong pull to local socio-economic growth.

As a kingdom of flora and fauna, Yunnan has taken a lead in protecting bio-diversity, with valuable experiences gained in this regard. 

Yunnan has seen increased forest coverage and stock, improved areas of wetland and grassland, restored eco-systems, as well as a decline of desertification, water loss and soil erosion.

90 percent of the typical eco-systems across Yunnan has been effectively conserved, with some rare and endangered species saved. 

Greenness is a distinct nature of Yunnans leap-forward development of high quality. Now, clean energy is the top pillar industry in Yunnan, and advanced manufacturing driven by aluminium and silicon is growing fast.

In 2021, the fifteenth meeting of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) will be held in Kunming, Yunnan. By then, the province will present the world its effort and results in conserving bio-diversity.