500 lady Amherst pheasants flock to Nianhu lake

A record high of 500 lady Amherst pheasants gathered in the Nianhu lake area, northeast Yunnans Huize county, for wintering, according to the latest statistics from a local nature reserve. 

Recently, we have seen an increasing awareness of bird-protection among the public. With improved eco-environment, the number of bird species in the area has been on the rise," said a staff member with the Huize National Nature Reserve for Black-Necked Cranes. 

The lady Amherst pheasant is a bird species under the second-class state protection in China. Amazingly beautiful in feather, the bird mostly feeds on crops, grass seeds and others. 

Besides the lady Amherst pheasant, a great number of black-necked cranes were observed in this reserve as well.