Yunnan lunches cure-program for kids with heart disease

Yunnan Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital (YFCH) and Yunnan Daily Press Group (YDPG) kicked off a public-welfare program in Kunming, Yunnan Province on November 20 morning.

In the coming days, a YDPG reporting team will visit 12 poor children with congenital heart disease in Longchuan County in west Yunnan’s Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.  Free cure will be offered to the kids, and whole-course reporting on their treatment and recovery will also be conducted.

“In September, the hospital reached an agreement with Peter Lee Care for Life Foundation and the UBS Charity Foundation to provide free treatment for 1,500 children with congenital heart disease in the years of 2017 and 2018," said Zhou Hongmei, executive director of the YFCH.

Since its trial operation two months ago, the hospital has offered free cure to 171 children, 135 of whom have fully recovered from the disease.

A cooperative project between the People's Government of Yunnan Province and the Fuwai Hospital with Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the YFCH was built by the standards of a cardiovascular department in China’s first-class hospitals.

Yunnan Health and Family Planning Commission has designated the YFCH as a institution for aiding children with congenital heart disease.