Kenneth's sailing dream in Qingdao
 Kenneth's sailing dream in Qingdao  .

Previously we have told Catherine's Travel dream, Siena's actress dream, JD's movie dream, and today we will talk about Kenneth's sailing dream.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao summit has just finished, and the heads from the SCO member states gathered in Qingdao to draw up blueprint for the shared future. To welcome friends from afar, a fabulous fireworks show was showed on the sky above the Fushan bay. With fireworks and waves glowing together, Qingdao was extremely gorgeous at that night. It is in this very sea area that attracts sailors around the world, because this is the world's sailing resort.

Qingdao is an excellent city for water sports and water leisure, known as the "Sailing City of China". In 2008, Qingdao held the sailing competition of twenty-ninth Olympic Games successfully, wining the world's cheers. Since then, Qingdao has completely released its passion for sailing. Whether it is a hot summer day or a cold winter day, we can always see sailing boats sailing on Fushan Bay in Qingdao. Qingdao has held a series of international yacht races.

With mountains on land and sea next to mountains, beautiful Qingdao attracts so many people who love sailing to pursue their sailing dreams, and Kenneth was one of them. The perfect integration of tall buildings and beautiful bays in Qingdao looks very like the scenery of Kenneth's hometown. He came to this city for his love, and finally he fell in love this city, where there is his best love-- sailing boat.

After he came to Qingdao, he worked as an English teacher at first. Not long after, he gave up his high paying job and became a sailing coach. Because he loves to explore the attractive sea and enjoys the time of overlooking the beautiful and tortuous coastline on the board. As a sailor, Kenneth spent most of his life on the boat , and he said he could see everything there.

Every time when a large sailing sports event is held, a large number of spectators will gather on the embankment of Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center. Kenneth said he wanted to attract more people to join the sailing sports through his actions. In his opinion, the spirit of sailing is the integration of independence and team spirit. This is why he loves this sport. In the thrilling sailing, you must not only persist in strong wills by yourselves, but also sail to the coast successfully relying on team spirit. When he was bathing in the sea wind, he felt that all his efforts were worth it. He will pass on the spirit of this sailboat to more people.

The SCO Qingdao Summit will bring more opportunities for Qingdao, and Qingdao will be stronger in the future. Kenneth will continue to pursue his sailing dream here.