New methods to promote tourism development in Hengqin

The newly approved development methods for tourism in the Hengqin New Area, Zhuhai Special Economic Zone will be implemented from June 1 this year. The methods will support Hengqin's tourism development regarding land use, financing, capital, talent, tourist services as well as industrial expansion.

Hengqin's tourism and recreation industry has achieved rapid development since 2009. The development speed accelerated after the opening of the Chimelong Ocean Resort in 2014.

So far, many projects with an investment of over 10 billion yuan in the sectors of tourism, recreation, and cultural innovation have settled down in Hengqin.

Good policy support is an important pillar for the long-term development of the tourism industry in Hengqin. The methods launched include preferential policies for the area in terms of land use, sea reclamation, financial talent and customs clearance. According to the methods, Hengqin will guarantee the continuous and stable land supply for tourism-related projects; villa projects can be appropriately developed.

Sea reclamation could be scientifically carried out for tourism projects. Private capital is encouraged to finance the tourism sector.

According to the methods, a special fund will be set up by the managing committee of the Hengqin New Area to support the tourism sector.


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