Twin Stars from Uzbekistan at the SCO Film Festival

Among the delegates from 12 countries at the SCO film festival, a pair of twin sisters draw everyone's attention. They are members of delegation of Uzbekistan, Abdullaeva Gulbakhor and Abdullaeva Gulinur.

During the "Focus on Uzbekistan" cultural exchange activities of film festival, a film based on Shaolin Temple of China and the theory of Confucius attracted the attention of the audience. That's "Mepocxyo", whose main characters are the twin sisters.

Gulbakhor is an excellent interpreter of Chinese and her mother tongue. She learned Chinese when she was young. There were very few people who can speak Chinese in her country at that time. A Russian friend of her father brought them with a traditional Chinese book. Gulbakhor began to learn Chinese from that time. Since then , she wanted to learn more about Chinese culture. So at the end of 2007, she came to China to learn Chinese. Now, she has no difficulty in communicating with Chinese. And she said that the process of learning Chinese is also very interesting.

Gulbakhor had not thought that she would come to China and marry Chinese and become a Chinese daughter-in-law. She knew her husband through a friend. She tols us, “ The first time I came to his home, his parents treated me with fruits and tea. They are very friendly.” In 2017, they got married.

At the opening ceremony of SCO Film Festival, there was a girl sitting behind the promotion ambassador, Mr. Jackie Chan, who is a big fans of him. That was Gulinur.

When we asked her who is her favorite Chinese movie star, she answered Jackie Chan without hesitation. And she said it was a great pity that she didn't talk to her idol at that time.

Gulinur, who is only 22 years old,came to such a big stage with her work and her talent. Besides acting, she is also proficient in dance and piano. She always applies what she learned from acting to life and makes herself more and more mature. And she said she wants Chinese friends to see her optimistic side.

On June 15th, China and Uzbekistan signed a letter  to broadcast the film "Mepocxyo" in China. Looking forward to seeing the appearance of twin sisters in cinemas of China.