Qingdao to host global academician event

The third Overseas Academicians' Qingdao Tour and Qingdao International Academicians Forum will be held on May 28 to 30 in Licang district, one of the central areas in Qingdao.

The event, which will take place at the city's international conference center, will gather nearly 100 overseas well-known academicians to discuss scientific research and achievement transformation in digital economy, life science and technology, new energy and new materials, intelligent equipment manufacturing and other fields.

Organized by the Qingdao International Academician Park and hosted by the Western Returned Scholars Association and the Qingdao government, the three-day event will help overseas academicians learn more about China and promote international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, according to Licang district government.

So far, 87 academicians from more than 20 countries and representatives from 34 well-known universities, 39 research institutes and 26 well-known enterprises have confirmed their attendance to the event.

They will carry out discussions under the theme of "opportunities and challenges: integrated innovation and international cooperation".

Since its launch in June 2016, Qingdao International Academician Park has been working to attract renowned academicians from around the world to carry out transformation of scientific research and achievements, so as to create a world-class highland for creation, innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

According to official statistics, the park has introduced 108 academicians, 81 from abroad. It always takes the industrialization of scientific achievements as a priority and provides up to 100 million yuan ($14.5 million) to help its academicians start projects. Up to now 32 academician-led projects has been commercialized, resulting in 42 kinds of products.

Qingdao International Academician Park in the city's Licang district is home to 108 academicians, among whom 81 are from abroad. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Foreign academicians sign cooperation agreements with the Qingdao International Academician Park during the Second Overseas Academicians' Qingdao Tour and Qingdao International Academicians Forum held from Aug 16 to 18, 2018. [Photo provided to China Daily]