New town on the north coast to be a popular landmark of Qingdao High-tech Zone

As the first urban commercial complex in Qingdao High-tech Zone, the main body of Lushang Plaza was capped in December last year, and completed the main body acceptance in June 2019. It will bring a new one-stop shopping experience to visitors with types of business including department stores, cinemas, restaurants, gyms and children's entertainment facilities.

Lushang Plaza, having completed the main roof and secondary structure, is now undergoing wall waterproof and facade decoration, according to the construction company. At the same time, the unified business attraction as well as the leasing and sales of stores are proceeding simultaneously.

After opening, a regional business hub will be formed. A two-storey cinema to be built in the plaza with a total area of 4,800 square meters will greatly enrich the leisure cultural life of surrounding residents and employees.

While the life of the people in the western area becoming more and more convenient, the happiness index of residents in the eastern area will also be highly enhanced. According to the official website of Shimao Group, Qingdao Shimao 52+ will open on May 1, 2020.

Among the living facilities, there are also plans for Jiqing high-speed railway times plaza with a total investment of four billion yuan and an area of 369 mu. Supporting projects include high-speed railway buildings, star-rated hotels, commercial offices and supporting residences.

Jinmao the Mall of Splendors is scheduled to start construction in Hongdao this year featuring international culture, fashion and trend, and new lifestyle.

In accordance with Qingdao municipal educational facilities plan, six high schools, 19 junior middle schools and 40 primary schools will be built in Hongdao. Qingdao Middle School, Yinhai Primary School, Hetao Central Primary School, Hongdao Central Primary School have been built and put into use successively.

A large number of key provincial and municipal projects have been settled in Qingdao High-tech Zone including School of Rehabilitation, Qingdao Eye Hospital, Qingdao Science and Technology Museum, Hongdao Station of Jiqing High-speed Railway, which will bring new vitality to the zone.