Team of Provincial People's Congress investigates Qingdao High-tech Zone

A team led by Zhang Xingyu, chairwoman of the education, science, culture and public health committee of Shandong Provincial People's Congress visited Qingdao High-tech Zone on August 15, conducting an investigation into the zone's implementation of the regulations of the high and new technology development.

The investigation team paid a field visit to Qingdao Industrial Technology Research Institute, IntelliBio Qingdao Co.,Ltd., Qingdao Haina Photoelectricity Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd. and Qingdao Academy for Opto-electronics Engineering, and learned about the current situation of the relevant work.

The team gave full affirmation to the implementation work that the zone has done, believed that the zone has continuously improved the new and high technology industrial development policy. Highlighting the dominant position of enterprises in innovation, Qingdao High-tech Zone has vigorously promoted the industry-university-research coordination and innovation, and the high-tech industry has been developing healthy and orderly.

The investigation team stressed Qingdao High-tech should reinforce the publicity of relevant policies and foster a favorable development environment for the high-tech industry.

The zone was encouraged to maintain the development momentum of nthe ew and high technology, further improve the capacity of scientific and technological innovation and provide strong support for the economic transformation, upgrading, and the innovation-driven development of Qingdao and Shandong province.