Woman swallows spoon during a night of alcohol drinking, doctor removes it

Gastroenterologist doctor Fan Guangxue at a local hospital in Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province showcases the process of the surgery by using the snare to harness a pen. Photo: Screenshot of video by Pear Video

A woman in East China's Shandong Province who swallowed a 15-centimeter spoon when she was drunk, is recovering after a surgery to remove it.

Gastroenterologist doctor Fan Guangxue, at a local hospital in Qingdao was startled after getting to know that the woman who complained of a bellyache had swallowed the stainless steel spoon.

A video from a medical examination camera showed that the spoon had made its way down the woman's stomach, Pear Video reported on Sina Weibo on Friday.

Fan decided to use a medical snare to harness the spoon and drag it from the woman's body. 

The woman finally admitted that she drank a lot the night before with a spoon in her mouth and swallowed the spoon carelessly.

If the spoon were to remain in her stomach for too long, it could cause an ulcer in the stomach lining or even gastric perforation, which could be life-threatening, Fan said.

Pear Video