Qingdao High-tech Zone promotes garbage sorting

As a pilot city of garbage classification, Qingdao has formulated relevant management regulations on garbage sorting. Qingdao High-tech Zone is making a series of preparations to ensure residents in the zone to adapt to the new lifestyle of trash sorting.

"Smart recycling bins have been installed in all communities in the zone, but there are problems in sorting garbage correctly and putting them in the right bin." said Wang Wenbin, a staff member of garbage sorting promotion.

The zone has made staged progress in garbage classification through active exploration and practice. A garbage classification system has been gradually established and the residents' awareness of garbage classification has been constantly improved.

16 residential areas in the zone have began to use the smart waste recycling bins since last December. Regular public lectures on trash sorting are held to guide residents to take part in garbage classification. Primary and secondary schools in the zone have opened class on garbage sorting to encourage students to actively participate in it.

By 2021, garbage sorting will cover all the zone and the utilization and recycling rate of household waste will reach 35 percent in Qingdao High-tech Zone.