Kuniharu Nakamura, Chairman Sumitomo Corporation: A opening China is of Great Significance for the World Economic Development

October 19, in the opening ceremony of Qingdao Multinationals Summit, Chairman of Sumitomo Corporation, Mr. Kuniharu Nakamura said that the further development of Chinas reform and opening-up is of Great Significance for the World Economic Development.

Mr. Kuniharu Nakamura said that China has always been promoting free trade. In recent years, China has been committed to implementing flexible policy and opening-up the market. As the world second largest economy, China has also made great effort to improve its business environment by setting up regulations and promoting intellectual property protection. We, Sumitomo Corporation appreciate Chinas effort.

He also said that the world economy is developing in a complex environment. Leader of multinationals hopes that as a major economic power, China could provide a better business environment that allow them to do business more freely and promote the world economic development.