Shandong supports Jinan, Qingdao building national central city

The third session of the 13th CPC Shandong Provincial People's Congress kicked off on January 18th in Jinan, east China's Shandong province. Gong Zheng, governor of Shandong province delivered a report on the work of the government on behalf of the provincial government.

The report proposed that Shandong will build the Shandong peninsula city group with global influence. A guidance will be launched to promote the integrated development of the three economic circles, namely, the provincial capital economic circle, Jiaodong economic circle and Lunan economic circle.

Shandong supports Jinan and Qingdao building national central cities, cultivating Jinan metropolitan area and Qingdao metropolitan area, so as to improve their comprehensive carrying capacity, radiation and driving force, innovation and guidance capacity, and talent gathering power to seek initiative in serving national regional strategy.

Greater efforts will be made to realize breakthroughs in Heze and accelerate the rise of the west area of Shandong.