Qingdao High-tech Zone holds to-be-list enterprise symposium

Qingdao High-tech Zone held a symposium for enterprises to be listed on January 17 to accelerate the listing of enterprises in the zone. Li Hongyan, director of the Management Committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone attended and addressed the symposium, and Wang Zhen, vice director of the Management Committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone presided over the symposium.

The responsible personnel of relevant departments introduced the progress of the listing of enterprises in Qingdao High-tech Zone. Qindgao Gaoce Technology Co. Ltd, Qingdao Wintec Commercial System Co. Ltd. and other 10 to-be-listed companies had an in-depth communication and discussion during the symposium.

After listening to their speeches, Li Hongyan made arrangements for the relevant departments to solve the problems raised by each enterprise, and put forward suggestions on the spot. He said that promoting the listing of enterprises is an important measure to optimize the industrial structure and enhance regional competitiveness, as well as an effective way for enterprise to achieve leapfrog development. The whole zone should unify the thought, gather strength, enhance the sense of urgency and the sense of responsibility, put the listing of enterprises in a more prominent position, make great efforts to the relevant works, and go all out to promote the steady growth of the zone’s economy.