Qingdao Youth Football Stadium under construction

A rendering of the Qingdao Youth Football Stadium [Photo/dailyqd.com]

Construction on the Qingdao Youth Football Stadium, a venue for the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, has been progressing smoothly.

Construction on the stadium started on July 31 and is expected to last 833 days, being completed before November 2022.

According to the Fourth Construction Co of the China Construction Eighth Engineering Division, the office and worker living areas have been completed, preliminary excavation work is currently underway, and foundation construction is expected to start next month.

The stadium has a planned land area of 163,395 square meters and a planned construction area of about 190,000 square meters. It consists of a professional football field with 50,000 seats, two training bases, a multipurpose hall, and a swimming hall.

The stadium is designed as a sports complex with supporting facilities such as commercial areas and underground parking spaces. It will meet the requirements for FIFA International A-level competitions.