Red lanterns adorn Wenjiang district for Spring Festival

Photo 1GLocal parks are decorated with traditional red lanterns to greet the upcoming Spring Festival in Wenjiang district, Chengdu, Sichuan province. [Photo by Yang Liu/provided to]

Photo 2GA local resident chooses red lanterns and Spring Festival couplets in Wenjiang district. [Photo by Tian Xianghe/provided to]

Photo 3GBonsai, or potted plants, are ready in Wenjiang district to greet the upcoming Spring Festival. [Photo provided to]

Streets and lanes in Chengdu's Wenjiang district are adorned with festive traditional red lanterns to greet Spring Festival, which arrives on Feb 15.

From Feb 6, the local government organized people to hang traditional lanterns along the streets and lanes at Zhenghe Street, Renhe Road and Wenjiang Park. The number of lanterns is expected to reach more than 3,000.

Meanwhile, the district's public utility bureau also placed more than 350,000 potted plants to decorate the urban area with beautiful flowers such as azaleas and pansies.

"The lanterns and plants all remind us of the coming of the Chinese New Year," said a local resident. "Wenjiang is more and more beautiful."

Additionally, the district has prepared many interesting activities for residents and visitors. These include a lion dancing competition, an orchid appreciation activity, lantern shows and a food festival. The series of activities will last through the whole Chinese New Year holiday until Mid March.