Chengdu Culture Causes a Sensation in Poland

Chengdu Culture Causes a Sensation in Poland
Authors: Go Chengdu

On June 10 (local time in Poland), the World Breads Presentations, part of the 12th annual meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), took place at the Wolnica Square, Krakow, Poland.

Bakers from UCCN members made and showed their works at the scene, as well as detailed the food cultures of their home cities. The event drew over 20,000 visitors, local residents and representatives from the UNESCO cities of gastronomy throughout the world.
The baked egg pancakes, made by Sichuan Cuisine chef Mr. Zhang Xiaozhong, attracted throngs of people who waited in a long queue to enjoy the traditional Chengdu snack. "I have never tasted such kind of cake. It's so amazing!" said a Polish tourist named Beata Haranczyk.
At the event, decorated the Chengdu booth with panda toys, Shu Embroidery handicrafts, ornaments themed Sichuan Opera, as well as brochures on Chengdu's tourist attractions and cultural sites. It, together with the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce, in partnership with the event sponsor, launched an activity titled #FunChengdu both online and offline. Each participant would have an opportunity to obtain a panda toy if he or she took a photo with the Chengdu booth and posted it on social media. 
In 2 hours after the event, more than 300 people, including Vicent Grimalt, mayor of Denia, Spain, took part in the activity. "It well showcases Chengdu's charming culture and its people's great creativity, inspiring more people to explore the city," he said.