I went with a friend to a village in Taiwan in 2002, to Kan-Chuan Church and the Bread of Life Churches in Taichung and Tachia. Praise the Lord, I saw the working of the Holy Spirit in those churches. They had a dried-up spirit, but their hearts were hungry for the Lord, and they sought Him, yearning to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and so they experienced the healing power of God. When I came back to American, I still pray for the spiritual needs of Taiwan’s many churches and the weakness of the people there.

      The following year, 2003, a sister name Xiao Ting from Kan-Chuan Church called me and expressed her desire to come to America, she asked if I would be willing to let her stay at our place. I was delighted to have someone to come and learn from our ministry and to lend a helping hand to us.

       She came sometime in August to stay with us. The first day when we were sitting down to dinner, she pulled out from her pocket a lot of pills. I told her: “Xiao Ting, we do not allow drugs here.” Her reply was: “But I need those pills to relieve my back pain, also I need them to have a good night’s sleep.”

       “God is going to heal you, don’t take those pills. Let me pray for you.” Xiao Ting listened to me and did not take any medication. She put all her pills back in her pocket and asked me to pray for her. I further said to her: “No, you have to throw those pills away.” She was so submissive, without any protest, she just threw those pills away, and asked me to pray for her again before she went to bed.

       I earnestly prayed for her back pain to be healed, that the Spirit of God would come upon her mightily, and for her to see the power of God at work. After prayers,

she told me the next morning that she had a very good night’s sleep, that there was no need for her to take any medication.

       Gradually her pain got healed, and she asked me in what way could she serve the needy people, so I took her to downtown and let her experienced first hand in our church how to serve the homeless people. She witnessed for the Lord there, telling people that previously she had pain at her back and her waist, and had to have physical therapy everyday. But now the Lord had healed her. She said that ever since she came to our place, having followed me everywhere I go, spent time in downtown area serving the poor and the needy, her physical condition had greatly improved, she grew stronger everyday as she served, plus her physical therapy was no longer needed.

       Before she came to America, she had to go to the therapist and take medication daily. And before she left for Taiwan, she told me that her life underwent a great transformation since she was here with us, like the transfiguration of Jesus. Very importantly, she stressed her faith had grown. “Just believe that you have it, and you shall receive it.”  

        After she went back home, she no longer took any medication, nor went to have physical therapy, she just rest in the presence of the Lord Jesus and serve Him, she serves in the children’s ministry in the Spring Church and continues to keep in touch with us.  Her life is a light that shines for Jesus.