Let me go back and make some additions to chapter 32 [Work Among the College Students] following the Boston student revival.  

         Many have no knowledge as how to be filled with the Holy Spirit. When I was preaching in that college, sometimes the Holy Spirit would speak to me in a still, small voice, showing me which individuals in the meeting have some problems, that I should pray for them.

        One time in a house meeting where a lot of brothers and sisters were gathered together, a couple was sitting beside me, while we were starting to sing and worship,  I was praying in my heart: “Lord, may there be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit right now in this place, so that everyone would be filled with Your Spirit. Manifest Yourself in every person’s life. We need the work of Your Spirit in this meeting.”

        So while everyone is singing and praising God, the husband of the couple sitting next to me began to speak in tongues which nobody taught him. Immediately I laid my hand on him and said: “Grace upon grace, let there be a great outpouring like tongues of fire upon everyone!” This brother grabbed hold of his wife, laid his hand upon her head and she also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. There were many who had never seen anything like this before, nor heard about it in the past, what was happening right then and there, now they both saw and heard. So that day in that house meeting, some were being filled with the Holy Spirit and many were so joyful and thankful.

         I had seen many signs and wonders happening both in Boston and New York. Some who had mental illness and some who were depressed got healed. I taught them with regard to the works of the Holy Spirit and prayed for them.

         I told them this is a free gift given by the Father to everyone of His children. The problem is will you ask for it? I told some of the sisters who longed to be filled with the Holy Spirit: “If you come down to L.A., everyone of you shall be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

         Amazingly, in a special conference, all the sisters from Boston had experienced the filling of the Holy Spirit. One of the sisters named Lucy asked me: “My sister-in-law had not yet been baptized nor had she experienced the Holy Spirit, how could she have it?”

          I told her not to worry, one day the Lord would bring her to L.A. Some time later Lucy’s sister-in-law did come to L.A. from Taiwan. When Lucy called to inform me of her sister-in-law’s arrival, I said: “Good, God is going to give her the best gift ever.” I asked her what was her plan? She asked me if I would allow her sister-in-law to stay with me. I said: “Of course, we will see sign and wonder and the glory of God.”

           Lucy’s sister-in-law was sickly and was taking some medications. She came to our home and did not sleep well that night, so I prayed for her and she had a good night’s sleep. Her husband told me: “My wife had insomnia for so long, she had not sleep that well like last night.”

           I told the wife: “That is not enough, you should be filled with the Holy Spirit and to speak in tongues.” She stayed at our home for a few days and had received the baptism of the water and of the Holy Spirit very soon afterward.

         When she was back in Taiwan, she ministered in their prayer meeting to those who had problems. She also experienced the manifestation of the Spirit and miracles. She was a former Buddhist, but now a believer in Jesus, and has given her life to the Lord.