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Amy Wang
Amy Wang
Dear Friend,

Have you ever spent Thanksgiving alone? Cold…hungry…not a friend in the world? If you have, you’ll know why my heart breaks for the people of Skid Row and Why the love of God compels me to help each one I can. If you have looked into their empty eyes as we have, you know that their life is something to be endured one day at a time. And dreams are hard to find. A crackling fire, a warm fellowship with close friends, and family laughter around the Thanksgiving table are dreams that died long ago on the streets of skid row.
You see, my friend, without the help of caring friends like you, there is little cause for thanks this Thanksgiving for the people on Skid Row. A piece of cardboard for a bed in an alley… only the torn clothes on your back for warmth…..and a future filled with uncertainty isn’t much to be thankful for. Some live in alleys, some under freeways, some in cardboard boxes. Nearly all live in poverty and misery that would make you cry. I know…. Sometimes you get weary of hearing about all the suffering and pain. Especially with the holidays coming, the sight of mother and children on the streets just seems too much to bear, but they can’t block the pain…. and neither can I.
Because at the Azusa Lighthouse Mission (A work of Harvest Rock Foundation) we’re in the business of feeding the hungry, bringing hope to the hopeless, and help to the helpless. Our purpose is to reach the lost souls of Skid Row by bringing Bible Salvation to each person that we come in contact with. Azusa Lighthouse Mission is a place where the lost can be found, but you see, I need your help if we are to provide relief for the thousands who will come to us during this Thanksgiving season for food and clothing. Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, I challenge you to give to this great work that God has established. Will you share the true meaning of Thanksgiving by helping feed a man, a woman, a child, or even an entire family living on the streets? Through your giving we will not only nourish them physically but spiritually as well. Please don’t think of the hundreds we feed and clothe daily as faceless crowds. Think of one man… one woman… one child a real person who wants and needs the help and salvation of Jesus Christ that You and I can provide. I challenge you today to send a generous gift to help us pay for the hundreds of hot meals we will serve this Thanksgiving or send a sacrificial gift to help operate the Azusa Lighthouse Mission as the nights grow colder and the lines grow longer at our doors. What ever gift you are able to send, you will have the comfort of knowing it will be used and multiplied in the Lord’s hands to feed and care for the hungry, neglected souls that wander our streets during the holidays. Please send your check payable to Harvest Rock Foundation. All donations or contributions are tax deductible please make sure you enclose your name and correct address. Thank you for the hope you make possible. God bless you for caring.