Updates of Grace


Dear Prayer Warriors in Christ,

Praise the Lord that Grace has been discharged from the hospital on Wednesday night. Although some of the lab works haven’t come out yet, the caring physician discharged her for having further follow-ups without staying in the hospital. It’s much easier than staying in the hospital and waiting. So far the doctors didn’t find out what caused the low heart rate, low blood pressure, upset stomach, and loss of appetite. She needs to see four specialists – a cardiologist, a gastrointestinal doctor, an endocrinologist, and a pediatrician. However, they did find out she has B12 anemia, which means that her stomach can’t absorb B12 so she needs B12 injections. With so many clinic visits and the demands of catching up classes and assignments, Grace needs your prayer support. We believe God has a special plan for her to experience. He is the One who had healed, heals and will heal Grace again.

Have a blessing weekend!

Serving Together in Christ,

James & Antonia Hwang

Matthew 6:10,

Thy Kingdom Come! Thy Will Be Done!