Praises and Prayer Requests


Dear prayer warriors in Christ,                                                                                                 


This morning while we were taking Tim to Nairobi to see the endocrinologist before our departure, our fellow missionaries Dr. Dan Entwistle was riding with us to Nairobi Hospital to see his son, Ben, who is in a critical situation because of rheumatic fever. While we were on our way, Dan's wife called to inform him that Ben's heart is failing. However, Dan's assurance towards God's sovereignty is so steadfast. Right away we prayed for the family. The family is serving in Mozambique as missionary doctor. They are third generation missionaries from our mission (AIM). Ben is their oldest son, who is a 20-year old college student in the States. He came back for his brother's high school graduation and alumni reunion in Kenya . One day before graduation, he was really sick and admitted to Nairobi hospital. His heart valve was infected by bacteria. Some of the bacteria invaded his brain, causing a stroke. Ben's right arm and leg are paralyzed and his speech is slurred. An open heart surgery became urgent which can't be done here in Nairobi . In a moment like this, the States seems too far to return to for a critical patient. Tonight Dan will fly with Ben to South Africa for the surgery. Would you join us to pray for the Entwistle family?


Tim's situation is improving after the specialist saw the blood work. We thank God for his mercy and faithfulness. He will be seeing a pediatric endocrinologist in Children's Hospital in LA through our sister, Susan's, efforts. Susan came to our children's school to substitute as a piano teacher in mid-June, so she knows Tim's situation very well. Since she finished her mission task and returned to the States she has been trying very hard to get an appointment for us. We know that it didn't happen by chance but by the Lord's provision. He sent Susan to here for the short term mission, to pave the way for Tim's medical treatment. We give all the glory and thanksgiving to our heavenly Father.


In the meantime, join us in prayer for Ben Entwistle and his family.


In the Grace of Christ,

James & Antonia Hwang


Matthew 6:10, Thy Kingdom Come! Thy Will Be Done!