Updates for Grace & Timothy


Dear Prayer Warriors in Christ,

Since we returned to the States on July 17, we have been busy with seeing different doctors for Timothy, Grace and Antonia. From clinic to clinic and lab was our daily routine for the past two weeks. On Monday (August 4) Timothy's blood result came back. His thyroid level has elevated; his situation is not improving this time. On Tuesday (August 5) when we were packing for leaving our home church in San Francisco to join the retreat, Grace's pediatrician called us for her blood result. Her platelet count dropped again (78,000) and her thyroid level is above the normal range. Right away he referred Grace to see the endocrinologist in children's hospital. We had to cancel our flight schedule. James will be going to the retreat alone because of the ministry commitment. Tomorrow (Wednesday) Grace is going to have further blood work at the Children's Hospital and the doctor is going to see her on the next day (Thursday). Pray for the wisdom of the doctors, the diagnosis and the healing for Grace and Tim. Also pray for the healing of Antonia's skin allergy due to environmental changes.

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Thanks and God bless!

Because of Christ,

James, Antonia, Grace & Timothy Hwang

Matthew 6:10,

Thy Kingdom Come! Thy Will Be Done!