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When Running for President, Religion Matters

Warren Chu

A Los Angeles/Bloomberg poll has found out that reluctance to vote for certain religions has lessened toward Catholics and Jews. Voters say they oppose the idea of a Muslim or Mormon presidential candidate.

37% said they said they would not vote for a Mormon presidential candidate and 54% said no to the thought of a Muslim in the White House. But, only 15% said that they wouldn’t vote for anyone Jewish and only 10% said they wouldn’t vote for anyone Catholic.

The numbers are bad for Mitt Romney, a Mormon. But he won easily for Governor of Massachusetts, a mostly Catholic church. Now he’s planning on running for president in 2008.

Republican political consultant Mike Murphy, who advised Romney, said he thinks the poll is wrong. He said everyone said there was no chance a Mormon would win in one of the most Catholic churches in America. They were wrong. Polls, I am sure said the exact same thing about John F. Kennedy a year before he ran, he says.

As 2008 approaches, Mitt Romney must prepare, especially with these current odds. John F. Kennedy became the first

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