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Sojourners 客旅人生 (2)

吉爾吉斯坦宣教士 韓偉炫

差傳後勤小組 – 謝謝您們的付出!
差傳後勤小組 – 謝謝您們的付出!
Our New Agency, InterServe
About three weeks ago, we were accepted into the short-term program of our new agency, InterServe! (We will transition into InterServe’s long-term program next summer). We are excited about joining InterServe which has many experienced workers in Kyrgyzstan. We look forward to learning from other workers in this well-established international agency that traces its roots back 152 years ago.

Our acceptance by InterServe also means that we can begin fund-raising and making logistic preparations. So far, we had opportunities to share our vision to 9 groups of people. (If your church/fellowship group can benefit from our sharing, please contact us ASAP.)

差不多在三週前InterServe接受了我們加入他們的團隊 (先是短期身份,明年夏天才轉入長期身份)。InterServe已有152年的歷史,並在吉爾吉斯坦有許多宣教士,我們非常興奮的期待向其他的同工學習。
我們既然已經被 InterServe接受,就可以開始籌款及後勤的準備。目前我們已經有機會向9個團體分享我們的異象 (如果你的教會或團契有所負擔,請儘快與我們聯絡)。

Future Plans
Right now, we are learning some Russian whenever we find time. (Russian grammar is so hard!) We will be done with our Russian final on Dec. 8th. Then, we will move out of our current place and stay with Jocelyn’s parents for a month.

Upon landing in Kyrgyzstan, our plan is to stay with a local family for 1~2 months. This is part of the language/culture learning “immersion” process that we would like to experience. As we learn the language/culture by living with the family, we also hope to “bond” with the local community through our “adopted family.”

We see the 4~5 years in Kyrgyzstan as a time for us to learn and experience how to do cross-cultural work. Our ultimate vision/goal is that God will mobilize and send more Chinese workers to Central Asia, and from there, take the gospel back to Jerusalem. In the future we will be involved with training Chinese workers for that very goal.

現在我們有空的時候就學些俄語(俄語的文法很難學!) ,12月8日期末考以後我們就要搬去雅馨的父母親家住一個月。我們的差派典禮將於2005年一月八日下午二時正舉行,如果您們能夠來參與,我們將會非常的高興。