Camera records wide variety of rare wild animals in Yunnan nature reserve

A camera has recorded a wide variety of wild animal species for years in a row in a nature reserve of southwest China's Yunnan Province, which bears testimony to the improved ecosystem due to intensified conservation efforts.

From 2017 to 2020, the camera set up in the Yunlong Tianchi Nature Reserve has captured Mrs. Hume's Pheasants, a rare animal under first-class state protection, as well as wild animals under second-class state protection, including silver pheasants, black bears, red Muntjacs and leopard cats.

Li Yunfang, a senior engineer of the Yunlong Tianchi Nature Reserve, said that the favorable environment and rich resources are contributing factors behind the biological diversity.

"The region boasts favorable ecological environment with a high forest coverage rate. The abundant water and food resources are the other key elements providing favorable conditions for the survival and reproduction of wild animals," said Li.

At present, there are 35 species of wild animals and 11 species of wild plants under first- and second-class state protection in the nature reserve.

"The fact that such a wide variety of species have been captured on camera in the same area for many consecutive years, and that the number of animal species and population is increasing, indicates that the nature reserve boasts favorable ecological environment," said Li Yunfang.

The reserve will further intensify its efforts on environmental protection, continue to carry out tracking and research of the wild animal population, with a view to providing scientific basis for promoting sustainable development of the wildlife habitat.